A disappointed Aussie

A disappointed Aussie

The Bishop of Canberra, Australia, is disappointed that Archbishop George Pell of Sydney was named a cardinal. (On the other hand, I’m thrilled.)

Bishop Pat Power calls himself a “progressive” who thinks the “spirit of Vatican II” has been betrayed by the current Pope and his like-minded appointments. He tells the reporter:

I suppose what concerns me is that many of the values that I think are dear to Australian Catholics, such as the dignity of the human person, the primacy of conscience, the theology of communion, the need for dialogue in our Church, reading the signs of the times, I don’t think that they’re values that are particularly clearly enunciated by Archbishop Pell, and I think for that reason that many people will be disappointed that the Church is going further in a direction that is not really catering for their needs and the needs of people in our Australian society.

Who has done more to uphold the dignity of the human person than Pope John Paul II? Of course, Powers is probably not thinking of abortion, contraception, religious liberty, and such, as much as he’s thinking of the “dignity to use your private parts however you please.” Of course, primacy of conscience is often used as a code for ignoring Revelation to suit my own preferences. And theology of communion means, for people of this mindset, “my Church, your church, his mosque, his temple, what’s the big deal?”

I think it’s time for someone to compile a new version of the Progressive Catholic Dictionary. You know, the one with definitions like “Tolerance: (n.) agreeing with me and my beliefs” and “Intolerance: (n.) disagreeing with me or my beliefs.”

  • Todd, you are arrogant (and a hypocrite with your pro-forma “peace” before trashing me.). How dare you presume to tell me how much I follow what’s going on in Australia. I’m pretty well versed in the situation there, thank you. And I don’t need lessons in journalism, least of all from you.

    And what’s with your rant about me becoming a rant about Fox News? Keep your journalists straight.

  • I don’t answer to you Todd. My “insuations” weren’t blind. They’re dead on target. I know Powers’ history. You don’t.

    If you don’t like it go find another web site to grace with your self-important postings.

  • You obviously don’t know that any of it is not true, because I do have evidence to back up everything I said.

    For example, Powers illicitly officiated at the wedding of a non-laicized priest in a non-Catholic church. And he has publicly called for the scrapping of the Church’s moral teachings.

    There are other examples, including heterodoxy advanced by the bureacuracy of his own diocese. We did a special report on the state of the Church in Australia over a year ago. Go buy a subscription and read the archives. I know what I’m talking about.

    In addition, you’ll see that my sentence applies generally to people of the anti-orthodox mindset, not just to Powers alone.

    This is not a news site. It is the place where I post my opinion on anything that interests me. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to read it.