A dialogue on gay marriage

A dialogue on gay marriage

I referenced this in a comment on a recent post, but I thought it was interesting enough for a post of its own. In the July 2003 issue of Catholic World Report, we published a dialogue between editor Phil Lawler and his friend “Father Paul” on how best to make the Catholic case against arguments in favor of gay marriage. This isn’t a simplistic listing of arguments, but it approaches the various arguments and counter-arguments, seeking find convincing principles from both natural law and the great moral and philosophical traditions of Western civilization.

They address the counter-arguments, such as couples who purposefully contracept, thereby seemingly thwarting the argument that the State’s interest in marriage is the procreation and raising of children, as well as other situations. It would be well to bookmark this, read it, and be familiar with it, since so many of the old canards they address are still regularly trotted out in favor of same-sex marriage and civil unions.

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