A demonic proposal

A demonic proposal

How can we use satire to illustrate the absurdity of the culture of death, when its proponents propose the ridiculous seriously. The UN Population Fund has proposed that legalizing abortion around the world will reduce child mortality. It will also decrease the numbers of the poor and allow a greater percentage to receive an education.

The report claims that child mortality will be reduced if there are fewer living children and calls for “reproductive rights” to achieve the goal of having fewer living children who then might get sick and die. The report further argues that the goal of universal primary education will be more easily achieved if families have fewer children.

I had to read it twice to be sure I wasn’t seeing things. What they’re proposing is not to improve living conditions or health standards or get more access to food or school. No, instead we’ll just kill some of the kids so there are fewer of them to squawk at us.

Has no one read Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”? Swift wrote the satire in 1729 about eating poor children in Ireland to keep them from being a burden on their parents or the country as a protest against unfair trade policies and poor economic decisions by the British government that were oppressing the Irish. In the past, everyone shook their heads in understanding of the point he was trying to make.

I’m afraid that if the same thing were written today, it would become an appendix to the UN Population Fund’s report and receive the approval of the “civilized” world as a sensible idea.

  • Look, Dom, these are the same people who define “youth” as INCLUDING those up to 25 years of age when screaming about “youth” being killed by guns.

    Of course, the 19-to-25 age cohort has a good number of gangbangers and drug enforcers…

    And I recognize that the issues are not nearly on the same plane.

    But Scratch isn’t called “the Father of LIes” for naught.

  • People no longer read intelligent literature anymore, Domenico, so I’m sure most people have never heard of it.

    These days, anything anyone can think of doesn’t get partitioned into the categories reasonable and satirical.  It all seems reasonable to some people.