A bedtime story

A bedtime story

There was a country. And in that country there was a terrorist group. And that terrorist group attacked a democracy. And the democracy demanded the country do something about the terrorists. And the country did nothing. So the democracy sent its military into the country, attacking not just the terrorists but also the infrastructure of the country and eventually toppled the country’s government and installed a new one.

And the Pope was okay with that.

Of course, the country was Afghanistan, the democracy was the US, the terrorists were al Quaeda, and the year was 2001.

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  • Mike,

    Your premise is faulty. A missile strike on a single building will result in many fewer casualties than a fround assault into an urban environment, at least if you have a target for the missile. This is why it’s called a “surgical” strike.

    On the other hand, if the enemy has made himself indistinguishable from the population, then you are under a moral obligation to go in with a ground assault instead of carpetbombing or just nuking the whole city.

  • Obviously, we’re dealing with apples and oranges.  9/11 was a frontal assault that killed three thousand citizens on US soil.  Hezbollah kidnapped (not killed) two (not three thousand) soldiers (not civilians).  Are you serious?  Do you really question the Vatican’s implied distinction here?

    No, Hezbollah has killed hundreds, if not thousands, of Israelis. They didn’t just show up on the scene a month ago.

  • So Jason what you’re saying is that Americans are chickenhawkl cowards who talk a big game when there’s no cost to them. Nice. I think I’ll disagree.

    What we don’t see is that for every “support the troops” ribbon, a family on the other side of the world is burying a child, a mother, a brother, a sister.

    You mean like the fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters in uniform who are dying everyday? Oh, but they don’t count because they wear a uniform.

    So civilian casualties. Hmm, like the 3,000 people who died on 9/11? Or do they not count for some reason either?

  • I wonder if because we are discussing Lebanon, we automatically assume that the whole country is full of Christian and Jew hating Muslim Arabs.

    I seem to recall that being an Arab, doesn’t automatically make you a bomb toting, terrorist sympathizing follower of Mohammed.

    As a matter of fact, isn’t the See of the Maronite Rite seated in Lebanon?  So, as we all argue the justification of God’s chosen people’s invasion of a neighbor and killing of hundreds of innocents, let us remember to pray for our Catholic brethern (a.k.a. collateral damage) in that country.

    Another question:  When the news media speak of HEZ, even those who haven’t crossed the Israeli border, they say terrorists.  When they speak of AlQueda in Iraq, they say insurgents.  I guess it is a much graver sin to attack the Israelis than it is to attack the Americans.

  • Perhaps someone can help me with this one….

    Wasn’t Lebanon occupied by Syria until last year, and Southern Lebanon occupied by Israel until 2000.

    So, what means do you think the country of Lebanon has to throw out the armed and organized HEZ fighters in Lebanon, who are intrenched and supported by Syria.

    Seems like Lebanon, which is smaller than Israel, is a nice battlefield playground for Syria and Israel.  Syrian (HEZ) fighters in Lebanon launching attacks into Israel, and then letting Lebanon take the brunt of the retaliation, while they crawl back into their holes.

    Very convenient for all parties. 

    Hey kids, why don’t you go outside and play.