A beautiful Spring day

A beautiful Spring day

What a way to spend a perfect Spring day. Normally I’d want it to be a little warmer than mid-60s for it to be perfect, but when you’re sitting in Fenway Park by the Peskey Pole (the right field foul pole) and the afternoon sun is gently baking you, it’s just right.

I went to the game with my brother and his three oldest boys. Here’s John with his oldest, Peter, and the third child, John Paul. Joseph, the second oldest, didn’t make it in this shot.
John and the boys

And here’s the world-famous “Green Monster,” the left field wall with the new wall-top seating. That would be an interesting view for a game.
The Green Monster

  • Leave us not forget Tiger Stadium—once Brigg’s Stadium (way before my time, mind you)—where I was raised, baseball-wise.

    Imagine my thrill—not as great as Gene’s, natch, but still—when I got to sit in the Fenway visiting team’s announcer’s booth with Ernie Harwell (Baseball Hall o’ Fame announcer) AND color guy Al KALINE!

    W O W.


  • Dom,

    Oregon doesn’t have the pleasure of big League baseball, the closest to it was watching a high school friend (Steve Lyons) who spent a few days at Fenway. 

    For us, it’s Babe Ruth,  if you want to see baseball’s future, go to:


    My son, Chris, is the 8 year old playing center field who makes a nice heads up play here on video clip…..