You’re just wrong because you’re a Christian

You’re just wrong because you’re a Christian

Former Clinton cabinet secretary and former Mass. gubernatorial candidate Robert Reich warns that the Christian right is trying to create a theocracy in America. According to Reich, by opposing gay marriage, supporting the right of children to pray where they want, wanting to stop the murder of unborn children, and so on, we are starting a “religious war.”

Democrats should call all this for what it is—a clear and present danger to religious liberty in America. For more than three hundred years, the liberal tradition has sought to free people from the tyranny of religious doctrines that would otherwise be imposed on them.

Reich is just wrong on some claims. He says gay marriage is opposed only by a “slim majority,” while most recent national polls say it is opposed by more than two-thirds of Americans.

But the real problem with Reich’s article is that he asserts without argument. Christians are wrong because their views are based on religious moral concepts. He offers no logical arguments, no basis for his own views other than simple preference. In other words, it’s just an anti-Christian diatribe, whipping up Democrats against the “religious right.” Is this the best that Democrats can do in the marketplace of ideas?

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli