Who made the US the world’s policeman?

Who made the US the world’s policeman?

An article in Arab News, Saudi Arabia’s English language daily, talks about Saudi women complaining about the war.

Describing US President George W. Bush as the “self-appointed policeman of the world”, Saudi female journalist and investor Nada Al-Fayez asks: “Who gave America the right to police in this area and handle this situation in a bloody way? How come, as a world policeman, Bush wants to punish one criminal, Saddam Hussein, and leave another criminal, Ariel Sharon, alone? Is that fair?”

Who gave us the right? It was a group of madmen flying our planes into our buildings, killing thousands of our people. Maybe we’re tired of having the garbage in your countries overflowing into ours, and we’ve decided that it would be better for everybody if we cleaned it up. You guys haven’t done a good job of it.

By the way, what country did most of the hijackers hail from? Oh yeah, Saudi Arabia. Maybe after we’re done in Iraq, we should look south next. (Thanks to the Command Post for the link.)

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli