White boy, brown boy, yellow boy

White boy, brown boy, yellow boy

Diogenes reports the comments of several defenders of gay Anglican bishop Gene Robinson, who suggest that racism is at the heart of the opposition to his consecration.

The Guardian (U.K.) cites an equally disingenous remark from ECUSA Bishop Barbara Harris:

    “This is a power struggle as to who is going to run the church, the white boys who have always run it, or some different kinds of people. White men see their church being changed and they don’t like it.”

As Diogenes asks, “White boys?” That’s not racist?

Of course, what’s interesting is that it is the “white boys” who are the ones most supportive of consecrating their own gay “white boy,” while it was the “brown and yellow boys” of Africa and Asia who were most opposed. But then that doesn’t fit “brown girl” Barbara Harris’s skewed view of the world.