Where is Cardinal Law going now?

Where is Cardinal Law going now?

New rumors about where Cardinal Law will live now say he will stay at a home run by an order of nuns.

    Clinton, Md., is on the edge of Washington’s sprawling suburbs but retains some of its rural nature, and living there would offer Law a certain amount of privacy. He would also, however, be close to top U.S. church officials in Washington. The papal nuncio - the Vatican ambassador - is headquartered there. So is the U.S. Conference of Bishops, a body for which Law once worked and with which he retains strong ties. While Law is no longer archbishop, he is still a cardinal with strong ties to the Vatican and many friends in the U.S. church.

That paragraph raises an interesting question for me. Does Cardinal Law still retain any of his previous positions at the USCCB? He’s still a bishop and cardinal. Does stepping down as the head of a see disqualify him from holding any position there? I wouldn’t think so, unless they felt it would be better for him to just step back from all his duties considering the circumstances.

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Domenico Bettinelli