When is an unborn child a fetus?

When is an unborn child a fetus?

Interesting. I’ve seen from some sources that yesterday’s item in the Boston Globe about a pregnant woman who was shot is even more hypocritical than I first thought. It appears that in early editions of the newspaper, it said: “The condition of the mother and unborn child were not available last night.” But in later editions, including the Web edition, after the child had died, it referred to the baby as a fetus, including the headline: “Passenger shot, her fetus dies as men clash on T.”

See it’s an unborn child when the baby is still alive and the woman apparently wants it, but it’s a fetus when it’s dead. The article even found it necessary to say how the Massachusetts policy “of defining a viable fetus as a person in a homicide” has “drawn criticism from abortion rights groups
concerned about what ‘fetal rights’ could pose for legal abortion.” (Info from the Media Research Center).

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli