Suddenly, I’m being fingered as Nihil Obstat? Gregg the Obscure names me as NO on his site. I have no idea what evidence he thinks he has, but here is my response I put in his comments:

    I deny in the most emphatic terms that I am Nihil Obstat. For one thing, my own writing would bear up that scrutiny and it would take incredible hubris for me to criticize others. For another, I don’t have a fraction of the time it would take to survey all the sites he does. And third, I get paid to be an editor. Why should I do it for free.
    Finally, if I wanted to critique someone’s writing, I would be a gentleman and put my name to it.

I even made a mistake in the first comment and posted a followup.

    Correction: “my own writing would *not* bear up to the scrutiny.” See?

I’m hurt and disappointed that someone would make some kind of claim about me without asking me for verification first. Being falsely named as NO isn’t the end of the world, but since there are people I respect who have a beef with him, that could hurt my standing with them.

Again, I am not Nihil Obstat.

Update: Here is the apparent genesis of Gregg’s idea that I am NO. I will do my best to take in the spirit of fun and parody. By the way, the bit about why Macs are Catholic and PCs are Protestant was written by famed Italian Catholic author Umberto Eco about ten years ago. I posted on this site months and months ago (almost a year now, I bet).

I have no idea why Gregg calls me a “Mac-fiend”. I prefer to use Macs over Windows PCS, but I’m not rabidly anti-Microsoft. I prefer some of their software over other brands, including the MS Entourage email program. I also think that some of the anti-trust actions against MS have been heavy-handed. Doesn’t make me much of a Mac-fanatic.

I think Gregg built his home on a foundation of sand.