Term-limited pastors

Term-limited pastors

Fr. Joe Wilson, in an article about the Fr. Weinberger situation, makes a good point about term limits for pastors and curates. While term limits seemed like a good idea after Vatican II, because of abuses by certain pastors, who ruled their parishes like fiefdoms, now they place artificial limits on the relationship that priests can have with their people.

We want a young priest to have two good experiences in parish, good parishes with excellent pastors to mentor them, and solid parish staffs. So, we give them two rounds of being a curate, for five years apiece, except that, more often, it/p>

That’s not all. What happens if a woman carries a cloned child in her womb? Will the state force her to have an abortion? Will the child be executed upon birth? Or are cloned humans being born now inevitable?

As Mark Shea says, one of the most dangerous phrases we can say is “What could it hurt?”

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli