Welcome to my house, why are you rearranging the furniture?

Welcome to my house, why are you rearranging the furniture?

Here’s a story about a woman who just entered the Church and is now working hard to “reform” it. Ann Turner entered the Church at Easter this past year and then immediately founded a chapter of Voice of the Faithful.

    She quotes a guest speaker at a Voice of the Faithful meeting to describe her relationship with her new church. “I remember Father (Walter H.) Cuenin saying, ‘It is a church that I love, and it is a church that drives me nuts at times,’” Turner said. She believes the church needs to hear her voice and the voices of other Catholics because church leaders are failing to respond to current needs. “If the church doesn’t reform, I fear people will leave it. I don’t think the church hierarchy realizes how deeply angry people are,” Turner said.

If she didn’t live the Church the way She was, why didn’t Turner stay in her own church or join another one? Her explanation of why she wanted to be Catholic says to me that her formation was lacking.

    “I wanted something with more ritual, more tradition, more mystery, more drama and more meaning,” said Turner, adding she can still feel the spiritual warmth of that evening.

Being Catholic is about more than drama, mystery, ritual. You can get that in a theatre company. It’s about worshipping God in the way that He ordained. It’s about being in a family with a father and brothers and sisters. A body with a head and heart and other parts.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli