Washington cardinal responds

Washington cardinal responds

The Washington Archdiocese says it doesn’t know anything about the latest accusations. A law firm sent a letter to the archdiocese alleging that there are dozens of men who were abused by a network of priests at one parish between the 1960s and 1980s. However, only two men have filed complaints. One had his complaint dismissed by the Church and the police as lacking evidence. When the second one came forward, the accused priest was removed, although he protested his innocence.

Cardinal McCarrick says, “We have been absolutely open, and everything you know, we know.” The lawyers say, “Based on our experiences in Boston, the number of cases far exceed the number reported.” They are also making inquiries in Miami and Phoenix.

So which is it? Continuing cover-up by dioceses or trolling for lawsuits by lawyers? Maybe it’s a little of both. At least that’s my gut feeling.