Was it something she said?

Was it something she said?

Remember the Diocese of Arlington’s director of child protection and safety who told a group of parent’s that she couldn’t say whether she was pro-life or not because it would make it difficult to work with people at the diocese? I guess it made it impossible anyway. She has resigned.

Recall that parents in northern Virginia and the DC suburbs are up in arms over the sex abuse curriculum being forced on them, how they’re not allowed more than minimal input or control because they might be abusers, and how they should just shut up and take what the experts tell them they need.

Now Catherine Nolan claims that she’s accomplished her task and it’s time to move back to her last job. Right. Just as the firestorm with parents is beginning. Not buying it. She was hired last August for a one-year term. It hasn’t been a year yet.

This could be a good sign for the parents’ coalition that Bishop Loverde is getting ready to ditch the “Good Touch, Bad Touch” program.

Update: Here’s the Washington Times story.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli