War jitters and costs

War jitters and costs

As the anti-war protesters are so fond of saying, fears about war are driving stocks lower and the economy is suffering from such belligerent talk…. Oh wait, the markets are up today? The Dow Jones Industrial Average is up 238 points right now? Huh. That’s strange, considering the president is due to deliver the final ultimatum tonight and war is expected within days.

Do you think that perhaps the war might not destroy the world economy like everyone is saying it will?

On the topic of money, we often hear about the future costs of rebuilding Iraq and paying for the garrisoning of US troops there after we win. Let’s not forget that Iraq sits on large oil reserves. I think the Iraqi people will be able to pay for their own rebuilding or pay us back as well as repaying us for liberating them from tyrrany. Money shouldn’t be our primary concern in any place, since doing the right thing is its own reward, but it is a secondary or tertiary concern. I’m not worried.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli