War footing

War footing

Fellow Salemite and cigar-lover (although not during Lent) Tom Fitzpatrick has put his blog on a war footing, preparing to report all there is available when the bullets start flying. I will do so too. Catholic World News will be covering the war from a Catholic perspective including the Vatican’s actions and reactions.

I think we are days away from combat. While I think the fighting will be nowhere near as bad as the anti-war crowd predicts, it will probably be worse than Gulf War I. Although our forces are smaller, Saddam’s are even more so and underequipped, yet there will also be more close quarter combat and urban fighting. God help our fighting men and women and the Iraqi people.

Tom notes that left-wing radicals are planning terrorist acts in support of Saddam if war starts. Of course, that’s not how they put it. They say the acts will be civil disobedience to express their anti-war sentiments, but in reality they will give aid to the enemy during wartime. I call that treason and I suspect the courts will too. That’s if they get before a judge, because the military has said it will protect sensitive installations and equipment from attack with deadly force, if necessary. It’s one thing to disagree and protest the war. It’s another to take action designed to hurt the US’ chances of winning the war. They deserve whatever happens to them in that case.

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Domenico Bettinelli