Waning interest

Waning interest

Recall that last year, someone in the Los Angeles Archdiocese released a series of emails among top leadership, including Cardinal Mahony, that showed them discussing strategizing how to deal with the Scandal. Since attention seems to have shifted to LA, it might be good to review some of those emails.

A friend sends along this email that originated from Cardinal Mahony, along with a note:

From: [+Mahony]@aol.com

To: [Edited out]

Sent: 4/1/2002 7:08 AM

Subject: Re: Giving Numbers

Privileged Client—Attorney Communication


Good arguments all around re numbers!!  I’m still considering how to approach it.

Maybe the best thing to do is “to state that in working closely with the LAPD and other law enforcement agencies they prefer that no further public information about the identity of the priests under investigation be given at this time. That may change in the future, and if it does,  I would be open to re-visiting the question of numbers.” And since that is weeks and months down the road, I hope interest by then would have waned. We definitely have to get ourselves to July 1st!!

Thanks for the input!


And my friend says: A nice specimen of episcopal honesty in operation, from an archbishop who celebrated Easter the day before.  For public consumption, there is agonized hand-wringing and the syrupy rhetoric of concern.  In private: let’s stall and stonewall until attention wanders and we can return to business as usual.  All-in-all, a good April Fool’s note to the laity.