VOTF’s Lenten program

VOTF’s Lenten program

I’ve received a copy of some Voice of the Faithful emails outlining their plans for Lent in Boston. It’s disturbing stuff. First, they dismiss Bishop Lennon’s Lenten prayer initiative as a means to distract people from VOTF’s agenda. (As an aside, they complain that they want “elected parish councils.” Odd. I was elected to my parish council. Shows how out of touch they really are.) Of course, VOTF like many activist organizations has developed a narcissistic complex where everything is about them. If the bishop says something, it’s code about VOTF.

So what do they plan for Lent? Today, Ash Wednesday, they plan to protest and press conference during Mass outside the cathedral. I’m sure that’s exactly what Jesus would do. I’ll be watching the news to see how many of them show up.

They’ll also be holding a Good Friday Protest, a weekly themed protest (should be interesting), and a daily candlelight vigil outside the chancery. The Good Friday protest would a Survivor’s Stations, where they will travel by bus to 14 locations across the archdiocese where priests have abused kids, media in tow, and ending at the cathedral, not praying mind you, but protesting.

It’s all just typical of the VOTF mindset. The aim is not prayer, penance, and conversion. It’s 60s-style power to the people and uprising. Stick it to the man! Lent is not a religious season to these people, it’s a protest season. And so they continue to fade into irrelevance.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli