VOTF without a home

VOTF without a home

Here’s one good result of parish closings. The Voice of the Faithful chapter at St. Albert’s in Weymouth can’t find a new home. Of course, they find a conspiracy hiding behind the refusal, rather than face the reality that maybe the people of those parishes just don’t like VOTF. I guess those pastors won’t be receiving “priest of integrity” awards.

They also raise the claim that parishes with VOTF chapters were targeted for closure. I’ve done the math already. Eighteen percent of parishes are closing. Seventeen percent of parishes with VOTF chapters are closing.

“It’s sad that the hierarchy mistrusts us so much when we are their friends,” said Harrington. “If St. Albert closes, [Bishop Sean] O’Malley [sic] has said the welcoming parish will take our church activities; Voice of the Faithful is one of those. If nobody intends on giving us a place, they’re really not following what we were told was going to be the procedure.

Gee, I wonder why they mistrust them? Could it be that their group’s web site contains heterodox teachings? Archbishop O’Malley said welcoming parishes will accept the closing parish’s ministries. VOTF doesn’t qualify as a ministry or Catholic activity.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli