VOTF: the voice of centrism

VOTF: the voice of centrism

Despite its claims to be a “centrist” oranization that takes no side in debates over Catholic teaching, once again we see them providing a platform for heterodox priests. (Never mind the inadvisability of giving harbor to heterodoxy, false teaching, and heresy.)

    Along with having one priest manning multiple churches, the priests also spoke about giving more authority to the congregation. Before the meeting, Drury and Crowley spoke about a church that included married priests and ordained women.

    The meeting was hosted by the Northern New Jersey chapter of Voice of the Faithful, a national organization for Catholic Church reform spawned by the sex abuse scandals.

Just another set of deluded priests who have obviously not been well-trained in the faith who don’t understand the concept of unchangeable doctrine and infallible pronouncements.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli