VOTF rolls on

VOTF rolls on

Here is a recounting of a typical Voice of the Faithful meeting. This one took place on July 15 in Hartford, CT. It’s the same old pattern: A minority of Catholics compared to the area in which it’s taking place and most of them aging Baby Boomers and most of them women. This particular meeting was scheduled at the same time as the “gay and lesbian ministry” meeting. And of course, it was three dissenting priests who led the way on every matter.

So what was the gist of the meeting? What was the structural change that will save the Church from the Scandal? As always, changing the priesthood: gay priests, women priests, married priests. Oh and the need to educate kids about sexuality and different “orientations.” Not sure how teaching kids about gay sex will save them from gay predators, but that’s how these people think.

And finally, Rome is bad, conservatives are bad, obedience is bad. They’re like a broken record.