VOTF out in Atlanta

VOTF out in Atlanta

Things are not improving for Voice of the Faithful. Yet another diocese has banned the group from Church property, this time the Archdiocese of Atlanta. Of course, the newspaper headline and story apply a misnomer to VOTF. They call it a “victims group” or “support group for victims of the church’s sex abuse scandal.” It is neither. In fact, most real victims’ groups have been wary of VOTF because its agenda is not the same as theirs and VOTF apparently has goals beyond the Scandal.

And it seems Archbishop John Donoghue sees it the same way. He also told VOTF it can’t advertise in the archdiocesan newspaper because “he doesn’t believe the group’s goals match church teachings.” Of course, if VOTF would only clarify what it means by “structural change” within the Church, that would clear everything up. But they won’t do that because it would remove all doubt as to their goals.

Donoghue said he opposes the meetings on church property because the group may talk about issues Pope John Paul II has ordered Catholics to no longer discuss. “I don’t want them to get into stuff with other groups that are pushing for the ordination of women and married clergy,” he said.

Got to love how the reporter phrased it. What it really means is that the archbishop doesn’t want them to confuse Catholics as to what issues are no longer up for discussion and what still are. He doesn’t want any confusion as to what is required of the faithful. And he has recognized that VOTF is the spearhead for heretical groups like Call to Action that outright contradict the Truth, the doctrines of the Church.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli