Vatican working on something for Iraq?

Vatican working on something for Iraq?

I find it interesting that the Vatican is now sending a papal envoy to Washington, DC to discuss the Iraq situation with the Bush administration, just a few weeks after Cardinal Etchegaray returned from Baghdad. This follows a series of diplomatic meetings in Rome between the Pope and the ambassadors from Russia and Spain. After both those meetings, the Vatican spoke of a “convergence” of viewpoints, which considering that Spain and Russia have opposing viewpoints on Iraq, is quite remarkable.

Is the Pope perhaps negotiating a “third way” out of the Iraq crisis? Perhaps he is trying to broker a deal between the US and Iraq that would result in Saddam “retiring” in Sudan or someplace and allow the Iraqi people to hold free elections. I don’t regard it as likely in plainly political terms considering Saddam’s megalomaniacal bent, but I wouldn’t bet against the Holy Father pulling off a (literal) miracle.

For all my support of the President’s policies, I would prefer to end the crisis without a single American or Iraqi being killed.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli