Validating VOTF

Validating VOTF

The head of the US bishops’ conference office for child protection is coming to Boston. As expected, she’s meeting with Bishop Lennon and the heads of two offices that deal with victims and abuse prevention. But the article also says Kathleen Chesney is planning to meet with leaders of Voice of the Faithful.

Why in the world is she doing that? I wouldn’t be surprised if she was going to meet with victims’ groups like SNAP, but why VOTF which doesn’t represent victims? VOTF is a bunch of disgruntled Catholics who want to change the Church’s teachings on vital doctrines of the faith. They are not truly representative of the faithful, their claims of tens of thousands of members cannot be backed up, and their influence and numbers are dwindling even further. Why should VOTF be given even this much credit? Will Chesney meet with other groups, too? How about Faithful Voice?

This is why I have little confidence that the bishops’ conference bureaucracy can do anything to fix the root causes of the Scandal.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli