Unity in Christ should be foremost

Unity in Christ should be foremost

Continuing on the theme of the immediately preceding post, the head of the theology department at Bosotn College shows himself to be ignorant of Catholic theology.

“This continues the erosion of the unity of the church, and shows how deep the dissatisfaction is with the leadership, and it will certainly concern other bishops around the country,” said Stephen J. Pope, chairman of the theology department at Boston College. “I don’t think this means the people who voted to take the money are being disloyal as Catholics, but I do think they believe that part of being Catholic is acting the way Jesus did, which is by being concerned for the poor, and putting that above the public show of unanimity.”

Public unanimity is more than just a good feeling of camaraderie; it is the unity of the Body of Christ. If we lose that unity then our concern for the poor is lacking in the true Charity of Christ. At the moment preceding his death, at the Last Supper, what was Christ’s primary concern? It was that his disciples remain united, that they would be one.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli