Traumatized again

Traumatized again

Four alleged victims of abuse are suing the Albany Diocese because they say being interviewed in church offices re-traumatized them.

    The unidentified plaintiffs said they attended meetings Jan. 3 at the Albany County Diocese Pastoral Center in Albany, an office building filled with paintings of clergy, religious statues, and staffed by priests and nuns. That triggered a reaction to memories of abuse that upset the three women and one man and left one in a psychiatric care facility for several days, contend their attorney, John Aretakis of New York City. ... The diocese statement called the suit “the third fictitious and fundamentally frivolous lawsuit” by Aretakis in recent months. “The diocese will continue to treat victims with care and compassion through competent and professional personnel.”

“Ahh! Not St. Francis!!” I guess if stained glass makes them upset, they should make sure they stay away from any Tiffany lamps, too. You can guess I don’t buy it. Someone that fragile probably shouldn’t be walking around in public. I smell an abulance-chaser.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli