Then how is any kid born?

Then how is any kid born?

It’s amazing the rhetorical lengths that pro-abortion activists will go to justify even the most heinous forms of infant murder. From today’s Boston Globe story on the Senate’s vote to ban partial-birth abortion:

    The method is sometimes critical in saving a woman’s life, said Susan Yanow, executive director of the Boston-based Abortion Access Project. ‘‘You can’t deliver when the head is that big. It would kill you,’’ Yanow said.

So, no woman has ever given birth to a full-term baby? If a woman can deliver something the size of a baby’s head when she wants the baby, why can’t she do it when she doesn’t want the baby? What medical condition could there possibly be that wouldn’t allow a woman to do what billions of other mothers have done throughout history?

Recall what partial-birth abortion is: the baby is delivered through the birth canal backwards, so that only his head remains inside his mother. Rather than delivering him the final few inches, the abortionist sticks something in the back of the baby’s head, killing him, and then suctions out his brains so he can collapse the skull. Brutal, efficient, and three inches away from legal personhood and a chance of life.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli