The Shanley trial

The Shanley trial

Court documents have been filed in the upcoming Paul Shanley civil trial that detail the allegations against him. Among the allegations are claims that Shanley was part of a molestation ring, paying to rape and molest teen boys and sharing them with other men. You think that after a year of this you can’t be disgusted or surprised, but it still turns my stomach when I see this.

Meanwhile, the archdiocese is challenging the admissibility of “recovered memories” as evidence. I have the same questions, considering how such “memories” can be manipulated and influenced. We all recall instances of “remembering” things we thought happened and then later realized didn’t actually happened. Any cop interviewing eyewitnesses can tell you how unreliable memory is, even if the event just occurred, never mind happened years ago.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli