The rest of the story

The rest of the story

This is why I’ve learned not to trust the mainstream media’s reporting of the news in Iraq. At the top of the hour, the local talk radio station played ABC Radio’s news report on Iraq. They said the at least 60 people were killed in US air strikes in Fallujah. Left like that, you’d believe that a group of civilians were massacred by American warplanes. Here’s the real story as reported by the official American Forces Press Service: 60 terrorists were killed near Fallujah.

A precision strike on a compound near Fallujah has killed approximately 60 terrorists, Multinational Force Iraq officials said today.

The strike destroyed three buildings in which members of Abu Musab Zarqawi terrorist group were meeting. The strike hit the compound near the village of Qaryat ar Rufish. The village is southeast of Fallujah and southwest of Baghdad, officials in Baghdad said. According to a release, sources said about 90 foreign fighters were meeting when the strike hit.

Makes quite a bit of difference. For those of you who are basing your changing opinions about the war in Iraq on mainstream press reports, you might want to take what they say with a grain of salt. It’s not quite what it seems.