The “poor” child rapist

The “poor” child rapist

A convicted child rapist breaks out of the Massachusett institution for the sexually dangerous and officials bemoan what a tragedy it was since he was about to be released anyway. Yet they warn that he should be considered dangerous. If he is so dangerous why was he being released?

John McIntyre was convicted in 1984 on charges of rape and indecent assault of a minor, kidnapping, and larceny. In March, he was moved from the main facility to a kind of halfway house where inmates are transitioned in preparation for release. This is the same place, by the way, that Fr. Donald Turlick sent several inmates who were released and went on to murder again,  including his “good friend” Paul Nolin, who allegedly murdered 20-year-old Jonathan Wessner last month.

McIntyre’s lawyer said “McIntyre was frustrated at being incarcerated indefinitely in a place ‘so Orwellian and oppressive.’” Yeah, it’s called prison, John. It’s where they send you when you brutalize a child. Why are people coddling this guy like he’s Nelson Mandela or something? He’s a dangerous child rapist.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli