The persecution didn’t take long

The persecution didn’t take long

Remember the new British Education Secretary I mentioned last week who is a devout Catholic mother of four? Some of us wondered how such an apparently strong pro-lifer ended up in the very left-wing Labor Party government. Looks like others are too.

Ruth Kelly is said to have originally refused a posting in the Department of Health because she couldn’t support the Blair government’s policies on abortion and contraception. But now pro-abortion groups are asking whether she should be in charge at Education either since she now oversees teen pregnancy and sex education policies. You certainly can’t have someone in office there who might tell teens that it’s better to not have sex at all. After all, look at where Britain’s sex-education, pro-condom, easy-abortion policies have brought it: the highest rates of teen pregnancy in Europe for one thing.

I hope Tony Blair stands behind his new Education Secretary and the Ruth Kelly stands firmly for her Catholic faith. The people of Britain deserve no less.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli