The Old Man is gone

The Old Man is gone

It’s a sad day for all native New Englanders and especially the people of New Hampshire. The Old Man of the Mountain in Franconia Notch, New Hampshire, is gone. The Old Man was a rocky outcropping on the side of Profile Mountain that looked unmistakeably like the profile of a man. It was the preeminent symbol of New Hampshire and tens of thousands of people every year looked for it as they traveled up I-93 to northern New Hampshire.

The Old Man collapsed sometime between Thursday and Saturday. It was obscured by clouds on Thursday and Friday, so they can’t be sure when it fell. It had been secured by cables and epoxy, but the natural forces that shaped it eventually took it away. For many people, it’s like they tore down Fenway Park, a symbol of a particular place and time, perhaps a childhood vacation in New Hampshire. It’s too bad.


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