The nightmares of choice

The nightmares of choice

Touchstone Magazine has a moving article on the psychological trauma endured by people who work in abortion clinics. It is based on scientific studies and is in the abortionists’ own words.

Despite the rhetoric and high-flying justifications, even the abortionists’ own subconscious (and consciences?) recognize the evil of what they are doing. A conflict arises in their minds between their conscious attempt to convince themselves that what they are doing is removing unwanted tissue or even a baby that would have no quality of life (as if they could know that for certain) and their subsconcious which tells them that are committing the most horrific of crimes, the murder of the most innocent among us, helpless babies. And I would presume it would be even worse for women since it goes against that most basic drive, the maternal instinct.

I would be interested in knowing whether state executioners who carry out the death penalty suffer post-traumatic stress like abortionists do.