Treatment centers

Treatment centers

More from the New Hampshire files.

    Following his 1988 plea, a Massachusetts treatment center said he was unable to curtail his behavior without professional support, however. Two other therapists said MacRae needed intensive inpatient therapy.

    The director of a New Mexico treatment center disagreed, saying MacRae displayed “a depth of consciousness and sensitivity to others and a very high degree of ethical concern.” The center was so impressed, it hired MacRae.

    MacRae eventually faced criminal charges stemming from his service at St. Bernardo the official. Christian said Monday he didn’t offer the information because he assumed the official already had access to the relevant police files. He also said he was referring to the crime for which he had just been convicted. “As I look back now, it is clear to me that his previous behavior in Derry was sexual misconduct, and I wish that I had not made the statement … in the manner that I did.”

Think about that a second. Although he knew of allegations, he said he didn’t because he assumed the prison official could find out about if he wanted to. Why not just be truthful in the first place and avoid the prevarications? The thinking is Clintonian.

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Domenico Bettinelli