The Monologues must go on

The Monologues must go on

The kudos for Xavier University president Fr. Michael Graham for banning the “Vagina Monologues” from campus were apparently premature. He will now allow the foul play that depicts lesbian child sex abuse as part of a class. A feminist professor has said she wants the play to be part of her class so the show will go on at the previously planned time in the previously planned place.

Graham said the decision is “a legitimate exercise of academic freedom.” Academic freedom is the highest doctrine for Catholic academics, trumping even morality, good taste, and the Church’s teachings.

    The words of Natasha Hamilton, the president-elect of the Student Government Association, especially moved her, she said. Hamilton said she faulted the university for acting out of fear.

    “A Catholic institution, that fundamentally has God on its side, can’t operate on fear. We have to be bold in our stand, and provide a forum for intellectual conversation,” Hamilton said.

Prof. Hamilton, it wasn’t fear that prompts opposition to the play, but disgust, revulsion, a sense of decorum, fidelity to faith. Her appeal to the Catholic nature of the university to defend production of the play is the worst kind of perversion of Catholic belief.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli