The Globe‘s new victims

The Globe‘s new victims

A small Massachusetts paper takes on the Boston Globe in an editorial on the Globe’scoverage of the Scandal. With the Globe expected to win a Pulitzer Prize in the next few days for exposing the cover-up of priestly sexual abuse, the South Coast Standard Times says the Globe has created a new class of victims. Not just the victims of abuse and not even the priests, nuns, and brothers who are falsely accused or lumped in with abusers, but the average people of Massachusetts who rely on the Church both for their spiritual needs and temporal needs, the latter being the people who look to the Church’s social programs. The downturn in giving has hurt many archdiocesan programs.

The editorial also faults the Globe for an unbalanced approach to the story. While he may underplay the anti-Catholic bias at the newspaper because of its liberal social agenda, the editor says:

    Through many months of reading the Globe’s scandal coverage, I failed to detect any consistent effort to create a context, to be balanced, to make distinctions between sexual abuse and pedophilia, to strive for fairness to the great number of Catholic priests who never took sexual advantage of anyone and who adhered scrupulously to their vow of celibacy. Day after day, we were presented with one dimensional stories made simple-minded because they came stripped of all humane dimensions.

This is why I say to those who say that Scandal is a media creation that the mass media has done us a favor by exposing a cancer in our midst, but they didn’t do it because they love the Church. They did it to undermine the Church’s moral voice.

Just as the Lord use Babylon and the Moabites and the Assyrians and the Egyptians and so on to chastize Israel and bring them back to faithfulness, I believe that is how He used the secular humanist forces of our society to bring the Church back to faithfulness.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli