The CIA’s Secret Army

The CIA’s Secret Army

Very interesting article in Time magazine about the CIA’s Special Operations Group. The unit was allowed to wither in the 90s, but now it is back and is doing a lot of the clandestine dirty work of the spy business. Although, I have to wonder how much of the article is reality. If all this stuff is so top secret, how did it get into Time magazine?

And some of the alleged failures are failures by assumption not evidence. The fact that one of the guys killed in the Predator drone attack in Yemen last year was a US citizen is not necessarily a failure. The guy was consorting with known enemy combatants. That makes him a traitor and a target on the battlefield. As for the group of Afghans killed in a Predator attack, just because some locals claim they weren’t al Qaida doesn’t make it so.

I’m just glad to see that the US is no longer relying purely on spy satellites and what it can pick up at embassy cocktail parties to protect us.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli