The bishop is always wrong

The bishop is always wrong

The Archdiocese of Boston is planning on closing some institutions, including several schools. One of them is the last Catholic all-girls’ school in Boston. The reason is simply a lack of money. Part of the reason for that lack is the Scandal, of course, since the archdiocese has less money to send to poor schools. Another reason is underperformance by the schools themselves. They just haven’t raised enough money themselves to stay open. And of course, the recession has a part to play in this as fewer rich people have money to give. (Another argument for raising taxes on the rich, don’t you think?)

But of course, people who have an axe to grind will find a way to blame the “Church” by which they mean the bishop.

    Regardless of why the high school is closing, state Rep. Martin Walsh (D-Dorchester) said he finds the archdiocesan order particularly troublesome when the faith of many Catholics already has been shaken by the sexual abuse scandal. “There are a lot of unfortunate problems they’re experiencing,’’ said Walsh. “I would hope this would be a reason to keep the school open and try to make it work. This would give the church an opportunity to help right the wrongs, and they turn around and close a school that’s been around for 85 years.”

Schools don’t run on wishes and dreams, they run on dollars and unless Rep. Walsh can find someone willing to pony up the cash then he should join the real world.

I hope everyone who decided not to give to the annual Cardinal’s Appeal as a form of protest of the cardinal understands their own role in this. With the massive shortfall in the appeal, you knew cuts were coming. Now you can look in those girl’s faces and explain that you did it for the “right reasons.”

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli