The bias was already in the program

The bias was already in the program

In the Boston area, we have a sort-of desegregation program called Metco that takes minority kids from the city and buses them out to mainly white schools in the suburbs, another liberal program that continues to see people as the color of their skin.

Anyway, there was a big uh-oh yesterday. A black kindergartner who actually lives in the affluent suburb of Wellesley was put on the Metco bus back to the inner city neighborhood of Dorchester on Tuesday. Oops! Now there’s going to be an investigation as to whether racial bias put him on the bus to Dorchester.

Why not? Racial bias put the kids from Dorchester on the bus to Wellesley. That’s what I call classifying kids based on the color of their skin. After all, Metco doesn’t send white kids from Dorchester to the ‘burbs for school, just black kids.

Of course, all the good, white liberals in Wellesley are outraged and they’re going to do some “soul searching” to see whether racism and prejudice were at the root of the incident. Keep looking, fellas. Try the mirror.