That burger is a sin

That burger is a sin

The Catholic Vegetarian Society has turned up again, acting as its own magisterium, to tell us that God did not intend man to eat meat and that it is a sin to do so. (By the way, it’s instructive that this guy works for PETA, which has shown a blatant willingness to commit blasphemy in order to gain publicity for it’s agenda.)

I think Father George Rutler had the best response to this guy in the August or September issue of Crisis:

“Does the Catholic Vegetarian Society think that Our Lord was wrong to have served up the fish to the 5,000, or should He have refrained from eating the Passover lamb? When He rose from the dead and appeared in the Upper Room, He did not ask for a bowl of Cheerios, nor did He whip up a meatless omelette on the shore of Galilee.”

He later continues, “Be indignant, vegetarian, but no so selectively indignant that the bleat of the lamb and the plaintive moo of the cow drown out the whine of our brother the bean and the quiet sigh of the cauliflower. Vegetables have reactive impulses. Were we to confine our diet to creatures that lack sense and do not even respond to light, we could only eat liturgists and liberal Democrats.”

Priceless. Fr. Rutler is a national treasure.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli