Technolust Day

Technolust Day

Yesterday was my biannual Technolust Day, AKA the first day of MacWorld Expo. MacWorld is the twice-a-year conference that gathers Apple Computer, software and hardware developers, and the public to show off new products. Hence, twice a year I look at all the new stuff and wish I could buy it. As you might expect it’s not good for my spiritual detachment from unnecessary material things.

So what did Apple unveil yesterday that I would love to have, but can’t afford? A new Powerbook that has a 17” wide screen. That’s as big as the screen on my iMac. There was also a new subnotebook: A svelte Powerbook with a 12.1” screen that weighs less than 4 pounds but has every feature you could want: slot-loading DVD/CD-R drive, 802.11g wireless networking, Bluetooth, USB, Firewire 800 and 400. And it costs $1799. That’s impressive for a subnotebook with so many features.

They also released a funny commercial showcasing the two machines along with two famous people who illustrate the concept. (requires Quicktime)

Of course, Apple also released some free software updates, which will keep me happy for a while. But, oh, how I would love to have a new laptop. Must. Go. Pray. For. Detachment. Now.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli