Take my welfare, please.

Take my welfare, please.

In typical liberal fashion, the Mass. government is promoting food stamps among the poor. The liberals have their knickers in a twist because the state has the lowest participation rate in the food stamps program.

And that’s a problem? The biggest danger to the liberals is that the federal goverment would actually reduce the allotment of money to the program and the worst possible thing in the world is to get a decreased budget. Never mind that for once the taxpayers would be able to stop footing the bill for something.

Maybe these “poor” people don’t want to be on food stamps. Maybe they don’t need them. But no matter to the liberals. We must force them to understand how important is to keep the program running and keep all those government employees employed. Isn’t that what this really is about after all? It boils down to taxpayer-funded welfare for state employees. Maybe if they lose their jobs, then they could apply for food stamps and everyone would be happy again.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli