Surprise! Money doesn’t buy happiness or healing

Surprise! Money doesn’t buy happiness or healing

Representatives of the victim group Survivors First held a meeting with victims to discuss financial settlements. Specifically, some victims who have received settlements discussed the idea that despite their newfound financial stability , they didn’t get a sense of justice or “empowerment” or spiritual and emotional healing in the envelope with the check.

That’s a surprise, because from the way a lot of lawyers and politicians talk, you’d think that once the big money starts rolling in, all the pain and anguish felt by the victims would be washed away. Oh right, it’s the lawyers who get their big one-third cuts who feel all better.

It’s a good thing somebody’s addressing the issue for these people because I have a feeling that the depression and despair that will set in after a settlement, when some victims don’t feel any better, will lead to self-abuse in many cases.