Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday

Ok, I’m not as excited this year for the Super Bowl as last year—the Patriots aren’t in it!—but it is the Super Bowl. For football fans, it doesn’t matter who’s playing, it’s still the biggest game of the year.

The past several years, I’ve watched the game on a big screen… a really big screen. My parish has an LCD projector it uses for presentations and the like. What we’ve done is put up a big white sheet on the wall in our youth room, run the TV cable over from the rectory, connect my friend Randy’s stereo to the audio out and watch the game full-size. It’s awesome! Oh yeah, some kids come too and it’s a great evangelistic opportunity and all that, but the GAME IS LIFE SIZE!!

This year, my brother-in-law Peter is bring the Playstation 2 my sister gave him for Christmas and we’re going to play Madden NFL 2002 before the game. That will be LIFE SIZE too. I love Super Bowl Sunday.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli