Spring 2005 pledge drive: Day 2

Spring 2005 pledge drive: Day 2

It’s day 2 of the Bettnet pledge drive. [Click here for full details.] As I’ve said before I appreciate your support.

First to some questions you may have. You may see the ads on these pages and ask, “With all that ad revenue, why should I make a donation?” To be honest, blog advertising doesn’t bring in much revenue. Taken all together, the amount I get from ads all year doesn’t add up to a decent donation from one of you. So why do I put it there? Well, every little bit helps (no donation is too small!) and it helps pay for a book or two.

I’ll be honest: Even if no one gave me a penny, I’d probably still blog, but there would be less of it. I’d probably save some of the better stuff for freelance writing for publication and other wage-earning endeavors. But because people have given me donations, even though there isn’t any promise implied, I still feel something of an obligation to blog on a regular basis.

I treat this blog like a job. I try to post something of substance every workday, not just links to stories, but analysis and commentary, which I hope either entertains and informs. If you like it, then whatever you can give (through this link or via snail mail) is greatly appreciated. If you can’t give right now, then I hope you’ll continue to read and enjoy anyway. Thank you all.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli