Snow Days

Snow piles up
Snow piles up
The February 2013 blizzard

When I was a child, lo those many years ago, a snow day was a big deal. It still is, I suppose. I don’t ever recall school being called off before the snow started falling though.

In anticipation of the storm coming today and tomorrow, nearly every school district in eastern Massachusetts has called off school for both days. It’s not supposed to be bad today, but the thinking is probably that the schools have been stone cold since before Christmas and if the storm is bad enough to cancel school on Friday, why fire up the boilers for one day, only to leave them grow cold over the three days until next Monday?

Another big difference these days is the way the closings are announced. I remember sitting breathlessly by the radio as soon as we got up, waiting for the long list of school closings to be rattled off: “Abington, Acton, no school. … Brockton, Burlington …” CANTON, YAY!!!! Now, you go to a web page or read a Tweet or see a Facebook update. It lacks a bit of the anticipation. Of course, for us homeschoolers, there’s none of that. I sometimes wonder what cultural touchstones I had that my children will miss.

So, yes, we’re expecting a big storm over the next couple of days. I’ve surveyed all the local forecasts and the consensus generally is that we’ll have at least 10 to 12 inchces by the end on Friday. Not the biggest storm every, but the biggest so far this year and one that will put a crimp in all plans. Luckily, the radio show is still in re-runs and I won’t have to worry about getting to the studio to broadcast a show. I’m dreading the day when I have to deal with that.

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