Smut in the classroom

Smut in the classroom

A New York University film student wanted to film two students having sex in class, but when the university said No, the usual suspects cried censorship.

Does any actual learning go on in college or is it all one big orgy of slap and tickle? The ACLU says that the university, as a private institution, is not violating the First Amendment, but then clucks its tongue in disapproval at the hampering of academic freedom. The student is praised as a “serious and valued” student.

I wonder how people would react if the video that was censored showed what happens in an abortion and interspersed that the with the horrific after-effects it has on mothers who abort. Would anybody be crying about censored art and the loss of academic freedom? No, it’s just that this was about sex, the one sacrament of secular society, the thing that must not be tampered with, disapproved of, or limited in any way.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli