Show me the evidence

Show me the evidence

The dumbest thing anyone can say about the situation with Iraq is “No blood for oil.” The second dumbest thing is “Bush is just looking to bomb somebody.” The former isn’t even original and neither have a shred of proof to back them up. How are they even logical?

If the potential war was about oil, why did we give up Kuwait when we had it in 1991? We could have installed a puppet government and had all that oil. We could have even kept the oil fields in southern Iraq that Saddam destroyed. Of course, beside being wrong, the international community would have freaked out as well as people back home. And it just wasn’t Bush 41’s goal. The liberation of Kuwait and containment of Saddam was. So why can’t it be Bush 43’s goal, you ask. What incentive does he have?

Some people point out the Bush 43 worked in the oil industry and has Texas oil friends. How does more oil on the market help them? Less oil makes prices go up and that means his “oil buddies” make more money, but if Iraq is put back in full production, prices go down and oil guys make less money. If Bush were really in it to help his oil buddies, he’d want to keep Iraq under sanctions. Logical, n’est-ce pas?

As for the other complaint, it’s just stupid. Do any of these people remember 9/11? Remember the 4,000 dead people? Don’t tell me that Saddam Hussein isn’t an evil and insane man who will use a nuclear weapon as soon as he has it. If he doesn’t launch it himself (which he might do anyway), he’ll give it to some terrorists. He hates the United States more than anything and he will use the weapon. Why would launch a nuke, if he knew we would respond in kind, you ask? Would we? In any case, he’s insane! He makes the people who work for him bathe several times a day. He killed one of his sons because he suspected he was plotting against him. He’s built hundreds of huge statues and monuments to himself. He’s a megalomaniac who think’s he can get away with anything.

I’ll debate the merits of going to war with Iraq and whether it’s a just war or not with anyone. But don’t try to give me stupid arguments. At least use your head.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli