Shanley accusers refuse settlement with archdiocese

Shanley accusers refuse settlement with archdiocese

It looks like there will be at least a few lawsuits over the Scandal seeing the inside of courtrooms. The people suing Paul Shanley and the archdiocese over his alleged abuse of several young men have refused to join in the $85 million settlement. Sources that it’s because the law firms representing them have spent way over $300,000 per case already, the cap on settlements under the agreement. The lawyers have no choice but to push forward. Maybe if they’d spent a little less on their media blitz extravaganzas, they wouldn’t be so far in the hole. And I’m glad to see that it’s justice that’s pushing this forward and not crass monetary concerns. (That’s sarcasm for the irony impaired.)

By the way, Shanley’s not actually named in the lawsuits. He doesn’t have any money so why bother suing him? Go after the big pockets of the archdiocese. Again, it’s not about the money, it’s about justice. (That’s irony, again.)

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli